Saturday, May 20

Prelude to a journal

Today, I start a daily journal. Why? For a couple of reasons. Most prominently, it’s a complement to my blog. There, I write my thoughts and musings, which, though based on what’s going on in my life, never really go into it. This will contain my reflections on the events of the day, a more narrative approach than the scattershot on Spice of Life. The necessity of this became apparent to me when I started on my short story, Home. Not much of it has been written, but it bears an unhealthy resemblance to a blog post, not something I want my fiction to look like. So, part of the reason for this journal is to give a chance to write something with a different style.

The second reason is that I no longer trust my memory. At the fundamental level, it’s strong. I pick up on facts and such easily enough and never had to really study for tests in high school, but, for important things like what happens between me and others, I no longer trust myself to be able to look back even a few days later and be able to recapture my initial feelings and such without recasting the event. Sure, I’ll be writing this in the evenings and will already be shifting my perception of what happens, but this journal will be something.

For awhile, I considered making this journal public by posting on LiveJournal, but then I realized I would have to omit names and would certainly not discuss somethings on it were anyone able to access it. Thus, it will remain private on my computer.

Here I go.

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