Wednesday, May 17

On thinking about yourself

To an extent, I think that people have a problem when they try and figure themselves out and put themselves into some role. They tell themselves, “I’m this way. I always do this.” “I’m a good person. I always do charity work.” “I’m clingy. I always need to attach myself to someone.” They explain their actions from this context.

Like I said earlier, I think this is a bad idea, especially in college. Freak, things change there. Good luck trying to know yourself in the middle of all that flux, flux I add that will always be present in your life and make wholly describing yourself for very long more than a bit difficult. You’ll condemn yourself to a good deal of frustration as you try and figure out who you are.

As I prefer it, we define ourselves by our ideals, what we want to become. Everyday, we seek to come closer to this ideal in our being and actions and relationships. When we don’t turn from it and fail to meet the ideal, we evaluate ourselves and consider how we will do better next time, what needs to be done to keep us on track towards that ideal.

You know, this is a way better life philosophy than my whole “Life is a game whose rules we need to break all over the place” thing. Not incompatible though.

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jessalynn said...

That's it. Your blog is going on my bookmarks. I refrain from looking at it for--what? a week?--and find that I have something I want to say about every single interim post. Starting with:

Heehee. You wrote, "Freak."

Also, I do know a person who would argue against the necessity of revision (and has), and that person is none other than Patrick A. Withers. He no longer allows me to look at his poetry.

And you seem to have many of the same thoughts I do. Weird. You probably think them better, though.