Tuesday, March 21

New Feature

I'd don't have much time before my morning classes start, but I'd like to alert everyone to a new feature coming to Spice of Life, a listing and comments upon the best web sites I've found. As you can tell, I haven't yet come up with some clever name yet, but that is a good description. There's a lot of trash and worthless sites on the web but there are a number of good ones that exist alongside them, and I would like to share the best of those that I have found with you all. Hopefully I'll start this afternoon, but, in the meantime, I suggest you all install Mozilla Firefox and the Stumble! extension, available on the Mozilla website, which will take you to a random website based on some preferences you set upon installation and ratings assigned by other Stumble! users. It'll make every day of surfing the Internet a wild and crazy adventure or, at least, more so than it used to be.

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