Friday, March 24

Forever Midnight

That had to be one of the worst possible prom themes ever. Okay, I'll admit that saying that is hyperbole (the sophomore class at my old high school tried to have a HIM themed Holiday Ball with dead trees or something hanging from the ceiling, and the decorations were nice at the Forever Midnight prom). Come on though, where does one find any romanticism at the time of midnight? It's the witching hour! I, for one, find it rather difficult to keep love in my mind when thoughts of demons and unholy cults performing their profane sacraments keep intruding. Clocks striking midnight are not a symbol of happiness. They signify the final hour. After midnight has struck, the day is over and any deadlines you had that day are now missed. In superhero movies, when does that poor person need to be rescued from rape and muggings? At night.

If anyone is going to come down on me for not joining some committee and working for some superior theme, I would like to point out that Forever Midnight did not destroy my prom experience and making fun of it after the fact is a lot more fun.

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Zach Olson said...

Prom was a good time. Forever midnight is just a little cliche I think. I think they came real close to calling it "Forever in Love at Midnight which is the best time in the world because authority figures have long since gotten tired and gone to bed." That just wouldn't fit on a shirt.