Saturday, April 16

"Poker Night"

Mike stared at Jerry across the table. Jerry wore a Yankees cap and reflective sunglasses.

“I call,” Mike said. “All in.” He flipped his cards. “Pair of queens, pair of aces.”

Jerry gave a warrior's whoop.

“Wraparound straight! I win!”

“What the hell's a 'wraparound straight?'”

“Ace is high and low, so it's jack, queen, king, ace, two.”

“That's not real,” Mike growled.

“Okay, but a small straight still beats two pair, right?”

“That's Yahtzee, moron.”

“Oh. Good thing you didn't call me on those other hands then, huh?”


Also based on a true story. Except that I always knew a wraparound straight wasn't real. Was, however, disappointed that a small straight wasn't real.

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