Saturday, April 2

"First Kiss"

Alex had his first kiss last night. He and Sarah were waiting for her bus after dinner at Thai on First and huddled close against the evening chill. He considered asking her permission but decided to just sweep in.

There were no rising strings. In fact, Alex’s mouth was too dry to feel anything but the curry on her breath.

“I'm sorry. Was that too fast?”

“No, no. It was nice.” Sarah smiled.

Needless to say, Alex thought the world would be somehow different, brighter, the morning after, yet his Cheerios crunched just the same.


Given the chance to do it again, I would have read this piece first. It's the best of the three I wrote for the tournament. It's honest in its treatment of an early act of physical intimacy in contrast to the wonder and fireworks of a Hollywood first kiss. There are some nice details in the taste of Sarah's breath. I'm proud of this.

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