Sunday, May 15

Personalized license plates

I have thought, at times, that were I to personalize a license plate, it would read "DARTHJOJO." Never mind that it is far too long. Never mind that I do not own a car. It's awesome. There is a Star Wars reference. There is a touch of whimsy in the association of a Sith lord's honorary and the name "JoJo." It is a name with personal significance as I frequently employ it as a screen name.

Not that I would ever do so. Never mind the aforementioned objections. I have imagined the possibility that these were not obstacles and have still decided that I could not personalize a license plate on my car. The line of thinking proceeds in this manner:

(1) A personalized license plate is more memorable and easier to remember.

(2a) Were my car to be stolen, it would be easier to identify and the odds that it would be returned to me and the thieves captured would be increased.

(2b) Were I to use my car in a bank robbery, it would be easier to identify and the odds that I would be found and captured would be increased.

(3) I find it more likely and/or prefer to believe that it is more likely that I will commit a bank robbery and escape in my own car than that my car will be stolen.

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