Wednesday, May 13

"The Monsters We Really Should Be Afraid Of"

Enjoy my last submission to Gonzaga's Charter, Journal of Scholarship and Opinion. I have nothing to say about it. There was little inspiration behind it, but I could not bring myself to do something on literature or film since the majority of the other pieces revolve around those. It's not that I disagree with anything I wrote. It's just not that exciting.

Also by virtue of being inundated with interpretations of Frankenstein and Saw, my favorite pieces in this exceptionally well designed issue were those which went off in entirely different directions. Thus, I suggest you all take a gander at Anne Pauw's "Villain and Idenitty in Othello," Mallory Ferland's "Monsters Can't Run," Chris Dreyer's "The Monster Hero," and Emmett Tribolet's "Perception and Medieval Monsters." The titles may not be totally mind blowing awesome, but there is some good thought and quality writing behind these pieces.

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