Thursday, May 14

"Band Aids"

Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to find my submission to Faith Works, the monthly newsletter of Catholic Charities Spokane. That's the umbrella group for the House of Charity, my place of work since last February.

I'm not totally happy with the writing that precedes it, but the conclusion strikes exactly the right tone for me. The House of Charity is really not concerned with ending homelessness in Spokane. That is a much wider problem than we can deal with and better suited to the work of politicians and other policy makers. Rather, House of Charity operates on the individual level. As often as possible we try to get our clients off the streets through our transitional housing program, but that is dependent upon the client's motivation. Mostly we just provide a safe place and treat the men and women who come through our doors with a little dignity and respect. Maybe my standards have fallen, but that's enough for me now.

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