Sunday, May 4

Too Much Information

In near record time, the Internet posting of the latest issue of Charter is up on Gonzaga's website. Here is my submission, "Too Much Information." In all honesty I do not like it that terribly much. This idea that information without action is useless seems common sense. There is no reason to submit an essay on it. Still, the editor was in need, and I was strung for ideas. Editor said she liked it though, and as I asked her to be honest, hopefully others will as well.

Should you have the time, other essays to check out include Emmett Tribolet's "The Logic of Kabbalistic Mysticism: Defining the Code," Stephanie Scarff's "Identity, Relationship and the Internet," Kaitlin Vadla's "Narrative in the Postmodern Age," and Eric Cunningham's "The Omega Point: When Information Becomes Eternity."

Andrea Crow, writer of "A Hard Habit to Break: Addicted to Information," will be the editor next semester and I a member of her team. The first issue will be on globalization. There is something to look forward to and submit to should you be of the Gonzaga persuasion.


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