Sunday, June 18

On the job

I don't like to use 'Spice of Life' to talk about my personal life. It's a place for my ideas and thoughts, that's all. However, what happened today is something that deserves to be written on. It's the first time I can remember yelling out in anger and frustration for a long time.

After finishing some work on the fishing pier at the state park, I drove past a dark spot just off the road. Until my mind caught up with what I had seen, I thought it was a torn garbage bag. Then I realized what it was. I got out of the truck and walked over. It was a painted turtle. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been pasted by whatever had hit it. Then there would have been no suffering. The turtle had been clipped on the back right part of its shell. There was a huge bloody crack in the shell, but it still tried to scramble away when I got close. The other three legs were fine but, because the other was utterly useless, all the turtle could do was spin slowly to its left. I should have ended it then. There was no way that turtle would heal. All it was good for now was food for whatever scavenger happened upon it. Instead, I stopped my manager before he drove back to the office, took him to see the turtle and passed the decision off on him. He said to get it out of sight, into the woods a few feet, and that's what I did. The grass I put it in was thick, but I don't know if they eat grass. If it's still alive when I work again on Tuesday, I'm finishing it off. All it has to look forward to is that fox I saw earlier eating it, and I doubt it'll have the mercy to kill the turtle first. It was pathetic.

Advice, empathy, validation, I accept it all.


Zach Olson said...

All I can say is, shit happens. It really sucks for that turtle, but at some time or another, everything and everyone has to become no more. Is it the dying or the suffering that bothers you most? When I think of a life snuffed out before it had the chance to achieve its full potential, as tiny as that potential may be, the suffering seems insignificant in comparison.

jessalynn said...

You just rose about ten clicks in my estimation for the incident having bothered you so much.

But having left the turtle to its suffering means that it might make a meal for a predator that might not have otherwise found one. I don't know. Scavenger has a negative connotation, and I have an idea that it must be easier for those to find their dead meals.

You could have taken it home and nursed it back to health, a la Disney. But it only would have suffered longer.

I'm a girl, so in problematic times, you get hugs. *Hugs!*