Tuesday, June 20

The final question

“Answer this, Ellimist: Did I…did I make a difference? My life, and my…my death…was it worth it? Did my life really matter?”

“Yes,” he said. “You were brave. You were strong. You were good. You mattered.”

“Yeah. Okay, then. Okay, then.”
-Rachel and the Ellimist (K. A. Applegate’s The Beginning)

And so the first excerpt from my collection of profondities appears. I feel kind of cheap using this now after catching the end of the American Film Institute's 100 Years, 100 Cheers: America's Most Inspiring Movies and seeing It's Wonderful Life. The sentiment of that movie and this passage from the series that consumed me for some 4, 5 years are basically the same, and I feel so dirty having chosen it when the same idea is validated by some huge organization, especially one that lacked the taste to recognize neither Fight Club nor The Princess Bride in its 100 Greatest Films or 100 Greatest Movie Quotes.

Well, now that that rant is over, I still like the end to the Animorphs. Simple, yeah, but, really, that's the question I want to ask (minus the whole Ellimist bit) and what I want to hear. If that's how it ends, that will have made it all worth it.

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