Sunday, February 12

Shout out

What do you know, but more readers just keeping popping up. I have to thank Facebook for most of that (most all probably), but, hey, it's all good. Anyway, I was thinking that it would be such a huge boost to my ego and morale if everyone who has read Spice of Life would post a comment. Nothing amazing. Just a "Hey" of your own would be cool. Personally, I would like to see real comments outpace those of other bloggers looking to draw me into their site that they're making money off of. I think I need another four real comments to pull that off.

Please. It'll mean a lot to me. Thanks.

1 comment:

Madie said...

Hey brudda!

this is like the only second time I have ever visited your blog. I didn't even know you knew what a "shout out" was but if you really want one...

Hey! I'm Chris's little sister and since he never answers my e-mails maybe this will inspire him to keep in touch with his biggest fan. Ya know Chris, I might go into depression if I don't hear from you on a more regular basis. I know you have the time since your blogs are so awesome.