Friday, November 4

Inramural Volleyball

Well, our intramural volleyball season ended last night with the same record as our soccer team, zero wins and a bunch of losses. To be fair, we did win some individual mathes and a few were really close, but we never won two out of three. Anyway, I just want to write about my experiences a little.

So everyone knows, volleyball is probably the only sport I'm arrogant about my abilities in, and it's weird because I don't really have a good reason to be that way. In sixth grade, during our volleyball physical education unit, I had the top grade in my class, even better than the girls who played on teams and in the Junior Olympians. I was really proud of that, and, for some reason, I still act as if that were true even though probably haven't played more than ten games since that time. That plus we were playing with the net at girl's height, and I could go maybe a foot and a half over the top for blocks.

So our volleyball team had maybe three people who had played on a team in high school, another three who had ever played, and something like five who had probably never played. It's not like we ever expected to win or ever had a good chance.

I think we played eight games in the season, and there were more than a few that were pretty boring because the teams we played weren't much better. If one team could get it over the net, they probably were going to score because the other team would knock it out or into the net. The last game was pretty enjoyable though. The team we played had some experience and set up a lot of spikes. It was strange though, like they were out of practice because they could really hammer the ball but it would end up in the net a fair amount of the time. Anyway, when I'd go up for a block, they were saved a few times because their spike would be shallow, clip the top of the net, and roll over while I was still in the air and couldn't do anything about it. Perhaps, if they were better at spiking, I would've had more blocks. To be fair and drain a little of my ego, they did pull of some nice tips and angled spikes, so my attempts at blocks were evaded more than a few times.

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