Thursday, February 24

Kenyan TV

When our first volunteer to the Nakuru center arrived in Kenya, Demetra and I were sent to pick him up from the airport. Part of this was to simplify the process for him. It would be easier to spot us in the crowd at Jomo Kenyatta International than another African. Part of this was that Demetra and I really needed a break from the kids. In any case, during the drive back to the center, the volunteer kind of stared out the window in amazement. He explained that he hadn't expected Nairobi to look like this. He was prepared for mud huts, not paved roads and steel and concrete buildings.

The point is Kenya is developed. It's not wealthy, but it's developed and only becoming more so. Its three major television stations (NTV, KTN, Citizen TV) even upload daily reports to YouTube. It's a chance to hear some Kenyan accents and see the land, if you are so inclined and so bored.

Here are a selection of choice reports on the Pokot: "Samburu and Pokot Peace Initiative," "The Turkana-Pokot Conflict," "West Pokot Early Marriages," "Pastoralists Killed in Pokot," "Pokot Disarmament." Super.

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