Sunday, January 16

McDonald's Adventures: McMore

Everyone is familiar with McDonald's affinity for the 'Mc' prefix. Its their thing like square patties are Wendy's thing, fried chicken is KFC's thing and E. coli is Jack in the Box's thing. McDonald's has McNuggets, the Big Mac, the McChicken, the McDouble, the McRib and those are just for lunch. There are McMuffins, McGriddles and McSkillets for breakfast along with the McCafé line of drinks, and you can finish it all of with a McFlurry for dessert.

I would like to add two more items to this list, less obvious to the typical customer and ones you are advised not to order. The McFree is found underneath the back sink. It's a drain cleaner. The McBulk is a stainless steel tank taller than me deep in back storage. It's a carbonation system. McDonald's might have gotten a little carried away with those, or it has an inside line on the best carbonation and drain cleaning systems on this planet. I'm thinking the former. Unless the idea of the drain cleaner is to make a soup with the consistency of mud and the color of flesh rot. Then it works great.

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