Sunday, December 5

McDonald's Adventures

I remember the last time I ate at McDonald's. It was after a high-school cross-country meet, my junior year I think. I had a hunger and ordered five cheeseburgers. It seemed like a good deal for five dollars. I remember because I paced myself in eating them, and by the time I got to those on the bottom of the bag, a half hour after beginning, there were dark stains that covered near half of the wrapping. I ate them anyway. I still had that hunger. Considering later, I figured the stains were the grease draining and pooling out from the meat.

I'm sure I've eaten at McDonald's in the years since, maybe some french fries or a McFlurry, but I don't remember. Certainly haven't had any meals there, and my interest in eating a Value Meal has only decreased since embarking on the whole vegetarian thing.

Funny to think that I would sooner work at McDonald's than eat there again. It was slow season at the hotel, and they only needed me once in the past four weeks to clean rooms. There was rent to pay and groceries to buy, and I needed to find a job with better hours, any hours. I worked my first shift on Saturday. I start my second shift at five tomorrow morning. There will be thoughts when I spend forty hours a week pressing meat and steaming prepared eggs. Something for you all to look forward to as the short stories have slowed this past month.

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