Monday, December 21

A Year (or Two) in Kenya: The Weekly Kid: Plilan


Whenever Demetra and I get around to casting our Lord of the Rings with the kids, Plilan is our goblin.

New deal. IHF is still in that dry spot with regard to sponsorships. It appears that my last appeal was not as effective as I had hoped. Therefore, I introduce an incentive. If you begin any child sponsorship, I will send you a copy of one of the short stories I am currently submitting to contests and for publication and whatnot. I have three, so if you want to see the complete Christopher Francis Heinrich oeuvre, you need to pick up three.

Should this actually excite you to the point of sponsoring, please let me know which child and the precise sponsorship through a comment on this post or an email or something. Though I have access to the active list of sponsorships, it has come to my attention that people whom I don't know read this blog. I wouldn't want to accidentally neglect you because I've never personally met you.

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adventures north said...

Well, we know you anyway now (-:
We would sponsor but left our hearts just north of Kenya so we sponsor there. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy your posts and appreciate your advocacy. The kids you work with are amazing!