Sunday, October 4

A Year (or Two) in Kenya: The Weekly Kid: William and Ben

The one on the left is William. He's been at the center an even shorter time than I. His parents abandoned him, and the Children's Office placed him here. They promised it would only be temporary until they found a permanent home, but the next time the officer visited, he told us to go ahead with the paperwork to legally place him here. I'm kind of glad, though. The other children have accepted William, and he's awfully sweet.

The one on the right is Ben. I could probably scrap The Weekly Kid feature altogether and replace it with The Weekly Ben. The kid is absolutely adorable and good humored. He runs every where and can't speak but to shout. On rare occasions, I have seen him quiet but never crying, much less in a bad mood.

As always, if you have some extra money, please considering using it to sponsor one of the children. It will make them smile just like this.

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