Monday, September 21

A Year (or Two) in Kenya: The Weekly Kid: Manu

I would like to introduce a new feature to Spice of Life this week. I call it “The Weekly Kid.” You ever hear of The Daily Puppy? Same idea. An opportunity to celebrate cute things only with the kids who live at the center rather than with domesticated wolves.

I do it all for you, my faithful readers. Since coming to Kenya and making a sincere attempt to post regularly, I have been amazed by the responses I have received. People I haven't spoken with since high school are commenting and letting me know that they enjoy reading my brain droppings. It all means a lot to me, so I want to do a little something extra to fill the four days of the week I don't post. Hope you like it.

His name is Manu, short for Emmanuel. He's in preschool and still has all of his baby teeth. His generally bright disposition and eagerness to hold my hand when I'm walking him and the others to Grayla Junior Academy already put him in contention for cutest kid at the center. The teeth just kick that up to 11. When he tries to say his brother's name, it sounds more like “die Mutti” than “Timothy,” and when he wants to say “this,” it comes out “dix.” At that point, it's hard to resist the impulse to stuff him into my luggage and take him back to the States with me.

If you agree and have a little extra money in your bank account, please consider visiting IHF's website and sponsoring him or one of our other children. As IHF is run entirely by volunteers, from those designing the promotional materials to grant writers to center directors, all of the money goes directly toward supporting them. Your money pays only for their food, their clothes, their medicine, their tuition and everything else that they need. You can be sure that your money will have a direct impact on the child's life. As a student of the dismal science might say, it's a high benefit-to-cost ratio. In return, you'll receive a letter and picture of the child once a month.

I'm not a big fan of doing things like this, asking for money that is, but I believe in the Foundation's mission and accountability. Please give sponsorship more than a moment's thought.

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