Friday, August 28

A Year (or Two) in Kenya: A favorite picture

Sorry for the drought in posts this week, and I may have to apologize in advance for the drought continuing for the next week or two. Please accept this brief analysis of how this picture has become my favorite of the children as a more concrete apology.

I like this picture for a number of reasons. First, it's an absolutely honest portrayal of the children. Not a single one of them is camera. They love to mug and rush into the picture no matter where I point my Nikon. The boys also love to wrestle. This picture captures both elements. The boys are literally fighting for position within the frame.

Second, the lines of this, from those on their bodies to those in their clothes are so powerful. With all of the faces turned away or otherwise obscured, the picture becomes abstract as the lines become the focus. In this, it reminds me strongly of the picture of the flag raising at Iwo Jima, especially the child in the lower-left corner. But mine is better. Why? Because it wasn't staged.

If you enjoyed this picture and would like to see others like it though not nearly so good, check out my Picasa album.

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