Wednesday, October 8

The Basilica Cistern of Istanbul

Are there problems with this picture? Oh my, yes. It is (very) dark and lacks the sharpness I have come to expect from black and white film. More egregious though, it does not seem much like the cisterns I remember from my December visit to Istanbul. It looks like something completely different, which is a problem for me. I consider photography a medium for capturing the moment, the scene with the greatest truth. When a photo does not lead back to its source, it has failed.

However, I appreciate the mood created by this shot. The harsh lighting and ancient subject matter give it some sense of gravitas. The reflection of the pillars on the water at their base is pretty cool, too. Mostly, though, I am just proud that this photo turned out at all. I had the exposure time set to over a second and had to balance the camera on a hand railing because there was no way my hands would keep it still enough for that long.

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