Friday, August 17

Oma waiting for Lake of the Woods graduation 2007

Apparently public critiques of my own pictures are popular. Through a variety of sources, I received four comments on the last one. Farther and further then.

Second picture I ever developed. It's of my grandmother while we were waiting for my sister's graduation. I was fiddling with exposure and leaned back to take a few shots of the family I was sitting with. Took one of my grandfather that turned out well enough for me to print, and that will also make it's eventual way up here. I chose this one to fulfill the "Depth of field" assignment for my photography class. Ended up using another one because, in the simplest possible terms, this one is pretty weak. It's a bit too out-of-focus to possibly called "soft," and the blur, my dad's back, in the bottom-left quadrant is too large.

Really, there are only two things to recommend this picture. First, Oma does present a strong central element. The row of arched backs and the contrast of her dark shirt draw the eyes to her. Second, it's a good smile. It's honest and bright. Even better, my dad says that her smiles aren't too often captured on camera.


Dennis said...


Oh yes...time to move on.

I am envious, of your youth, of your promise, of the adventures sitting upon your doorstep.

You must know that your mom and dad are very proud of you. For they now live through you, still their child.

And you must know, that I, a wise old fool, have learned from you.

That, my friend, is my lesson for today.


Dennis said...

This is actually pretty funny, at least to me. When I tuned in to your blog the other day, with good intentions, meaning to congratulate the graduate, I had no idea where I was in time.

I guess I assumed I was in the immediate era of your graduation from Gonzaga when I saw Helene's pic flip up on my 19 inch screen. I was most obviously wrong. The time machine had landed in 2007, in Minnesota, I think.

Then, somehow, after I left my comment, on your comment, of that photo, when I was basically saying "Happy Graduation," I had a feeling of stupidity that just would not go away. I felt like I had just written a nonsensical, run-on sentence.

So, I felt an urge to return to your blog tonight, after I had been at meetings for 14 hours, and then drank 6 beers, or maybe, possibly, even more.

Anyway, all rambling aside, my wishes are the same.

You should also know that, in my drunken, exhausted, state, I take comfort in the fact that not you, nor any normal person, will ever find this 'nested, dated, response.' (I wonder why I felt the need to add single quotes to these three words?).

That is, unless, you get notified as to responses to your blogs. I assume not, and will send this crap anyway. I guess, you might get a kick out of this nonsense if you ever do stumble across it anyway.

And, if you do, you may think of me as a colorful character, which would be cool.